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Will the pandemic permanently change how we dress? 

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Taking care of your loved clothes

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Golden Earth Day 2020

My students in Global Search for Justice-Environmental Justice decided for two events, which turned into virtual events because of Stay at Home directive and online class format. They created visuals spreading the word, information, and wisdom that they have gained through personal experiences, course readings and materials, and class discussions. In the next few days, we will calculate our reach and impact. Check out their posters and slides at  Earth Week

Students in my advanced construction course have partnered with Sisterhood Boutique. The Earth Day virtual fashion show is coming up soon. Earth Day Fashion Show 2020

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Are we waking to the splash of cold water by COVID19 on our face?

Stay safe, Stay at Home, Cover your Face, COVID19 are all trending in today’s reality. Are you exposed to an unknown virus, one that transfers easily, can be asymptomatic for many, but very dangerous for some? The answer is yes! We should be, and we are following CDC guidelines to wear a protective mask to protect ourselves and others. We are trying to help ourselves and our loved ones, just after the fact. As parents, we are protecting our newborns even from grandparents; obviously, we know that both are high-risk to catch the virus. If we intend to protect everyone, which at this time causes financial, social, mental, and emotional loss, would it be smarter to take care of the root cause to save ourselves from those hardships and invisible costs? Do we know why we are in this situation?

As I reflect, the discussions I have had in my environmental justice (GSJ) class resonate with Vandana Shiva’s validation of ecology and corona virus. Deductive reasoning and critical analysis point out that this pandemic is related to climate change, loss of biodiversity, and other ecological missteps that human beings have taken. Director of Harvard’s C-CHANGE (Center for Climate, Health, and Global Environment), Aaron Bernstein, explains it well. “We don’t have direct evidence that climate change is influencing the spread of COVID-19, but we do know that climate change alters how we relate to other species on earth and that matters to our health and our risk for infections and…pandemics.” Further, the Harvard center provides research-based evidence that the likelihood of infection transmission and associated deaths are directly related to the level of air pollution. If we want to avoid this situation of health and economic insecurity for us and our kids, we can ask all stakeholders to take steps toward stabilizing the climate and restoring balance. Focusing on ecosystem sustenance by reducing pollution and over-consumption, building a case for conservation and restoration, preserving nature and biodiversity, and moving toward circular design and economy will save our lives, money, and resources

If decisions of future development work follow design thinking and consideration of precautionary principles, we will make smart choices. Either we take a laissez-faire attitude and let businesses and government do their part, or we ask questions so that they do their part. We, as consumers also can either be complacent or have control of how our world operates. Are we going to pay the cost of our inaction? It is our choice.

#Covid19 #ecology #climatechange #circuclarity #biodiversity

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Covid19, climate change, and our loss


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It is time to take a step back and reflect on what is essential right now! All fashion events getting canceled is an example of responsibility. Business activity is down, which means that there are temporary tough times for businesses and their employees. I like some of the strategies that WWD Edited suggested, along with Angela Chan’s suggestions in the Sourcing Journal. She covers all stakeholders. Every business should continue with providing wages even if the production is halted or demand has slowed down.

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Celebrating women + #EachforEqual 2020

To learn from women who have made a difference in the world of sustainability and then also thinking about women who make our garments but experience abuse. How can we provide a safe and respectable space and culture to women who run the industry?

In this list by Forbes, 46 women are listed and out of those 11 are from the field of fashion. That is a notable representation. My favorite is obviously Orsola De Castro of Fashion Revolution @orsoladecastro, Leslie Johnston of C&A Foundation @LJohnston_CA, Hannah Jones of Nike @hjones_nike, Atlanta Mcilwraith of Timberland @Timberland_ATL, Marisa Pagnani McGowan of PVH, Lucy Siegle @lucysiegle, Esther Speck of Lululemon @especk, Jennifer Silberman of Target @jsilberman1, Marlo Tablante of Ascena Retail Group @murlymurls, Letitia Webster of VF @LetitiaWebster and Dame Ellen MacArthur @ellenmacarthur

Women’s Wear Daily’s article “Green-ceiling…by  proves point ““Those leading these [sustainability] initiatives are women.” And, “gender-balanced workplaces, with more female leadership may just be the key to sustainability in the fashion industry — and across all industries.”

The Green-Ceiling: Fashion Needs More Women to Solve Sustainability

#MeToo -choice between feeding their family and/or defending their dignity in the workplace

Do we have a solution? We have progressed since 1911..and I am positive that we will be #EachforEqual

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In the podcast world…

I am enjoying listening to Mindful Businesses by Vidhya Iyer of Saraani. Saraani is a sustainable footwear brand in the making!  Vidhya has been looking at every detail which comes with passion and purpose. The podcast is a content-rich narrative that tells the history of people, products, processes, and the impact.

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Social and environmental justice issues related to fast fashion


I invite my students in Global Search for Justice (GSJ)-Environmental Justice class to share their perspective using GSJ lens and disciplinary lens. Apply the course readings to analyze justice issues related to fast fashion. Cite and provide links to references/resources used. Conclude with 2-3 possible solutions.


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Mindful consumption published in MWP

Mindful Consumption 

Image 12 Blues

Since values in today’s society include convenience, low prices, and a throwaway mindset, there has been a disconnect between maker and consumer.

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