Fashion Revolution Day Minneapolis 04.24.15

A meaningful event #whomademyclothes #cottonroadmovie #Fashionrevolution @Fash_Rev @cottonroadmovie @Sol_Inspirations

The movie traced the cotton journey and pointed to the challenges of supply chain. How it effects the families, cost, and much more. The eco style show was fun, the where my clothes are made map activity was fun. The vendors had great products. A very successful event.

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FashionRevolution Day

Fashion revolution Cotton Road

Check the label and see where your clothes are made. Watch the award winning movie with us and see some sustainable fashion.

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Sustainability 2.0

Love that we have moved into next version: as quoted Sustainability 2.0.

Just like Parsons, at St. Catherine University, St. Paul, MN, we have sustainability embedded into the curriculum of every class! #sustainablefashion #students #fashionschools

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Earth Day

It is encouraging to see more momentum and activism around Earth Day, April 22 as everyone is realizing the impact of our actions on our living and non-living world. Awareness, knowledge, and attitudes are important to change our behaviors. Our behavior of thoughtless consumption, thoughtless actions, and obsession with speed.

Some examples of this momentum: MPIRG is creating awareness around St. Kate’s  campus and other university campuses. MPIRG is a statewide, student-directed nonpartisan advocacy group focusing on social justice, environmental, women’s rights and consumer protection issues. #mystkates @mpirg

This morning got an email from Apple-spotlight on Earth Day 2015! College to corporate, a term borrowed from a recent symposium at Target headquarters, all are engaged in sustainability. Looks like that we are heading to a sustainable world.

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Put yourself into the shoes

As we approach fashion revolution day (April 24) #FASHREV, we should think about what if you were one of the workers in Rana Plaza. As a consumer we should stop asking for cheap apparel. Join us for your own education @TextileCenter

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Fashion Revolution Day

Join us on  4.24.15 @ MN Textile Center  #CottonRoad @Fash_RevUSAFashion revolution Cotton Road

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Get the mileage

Fabulous message for consumers that resonates with my worldview.

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