It was empowering to design and create a zero-waste tunic that was auctioned at St. Catherine University’s 6th Red Dress fundraiser for American Heart Association. This event is organized by two student groups: Medical Interest Group and Fashion Association. For me, it was a profit venture to support social cause keeping planet in mind! It is a win-win.

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Higg Index

I recently participated in a conference as a digital panelist  at Sustainable Fashion 2020 I chose to speak about Higg Index as I see it as a self improvement tool for the industry.

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Jugaad and Sustainability

Today, I attended Frugal Innovation session at St. Kate’s Summer Leadership Series, St. Catherine University where Simone Ahuja of talked about Jugaad! Key principles of Jugaad such as “do more with less” or “think and act flexibly” resonate with key ideas of sustainability. So, I have decided to read the book and find out more.



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Choices for consumers-Check out Gather & See’s curated collections

Choices for consumers-Check out Gather & See's curated collections

I like Gather & See’s Philosophy categories. They can definitely add more information in the about section and perhaps provide links to organizations or certification bodies that explain the philosophy in detail. For example for Fair trade:; for Organic…

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Consumer power

According to a a recent report by Ethical Consumer, apparel companies perform better on sustainability related words vs. actions. I am pleased to read Bryony Moore, Ethical Consumer‘s lead clothing researcher’s statement that consumer can encourage more sustainable companies by their shopping choices. In her words, “there’s now a real difference in performance between the best and worst clothing companies, and by shopping with the best you are rewarding a company that is moving in the right direction towards a more sustainable clothing industry.” For more information, read


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Eco-friendly fabrics and consumer power

“Since all textile manufacturing has a fairly hefty impact, wearing what you already have for a longer time is one of the best and easiest things you can do to make your clothing more eco-friendly. Other ways include buying used clothes, recycling what doesn’t fit and repairing damaged clothes rather than throwing them away.”


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Katwalk 2014-Fathom

High design, promising designers, Fathom, Katwalk 2014 is May 17, 2014.

Had a sneak peak of junior designers work-I am awed, tomorrow we have senior design preview-I am looking forward to be awed as I have seen these promising designers in my draping class.

I am eager to watch Sustainable design…up-cycle, refashion, zero-waste….all together make something that is very important to me personally.

I am planning to wear Fair Trade dress at the show.


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